Fiction writer. Essayist. Playwright.

Current Work

Article (Interview with Dr. David Anderson): “African Americans and the Sea: A Complicated Relationship is Anthologized” (Coriolis, 2022)

Play: The Black Boy Narratives WWW.TBBNPROJECT.COM

Short Story: “If You Live in Marion Heights” (Obsidian, VOLUME 47.1, 2023)

image credit: Musah Swallah, Lemon Hair

Book: Funky (2021, 2011): A book of poetic prose, set on a South Memphis street.

Front cover of Funky, book by Christian Loriel Lucas. Click here to arrive at the Amazon link to purchase.

Previous Work

Contributing writer: Toni Morrison’s contribution to sea literature. (2020)
Interviewer, “We Have So Much Room to Grow” (Louisville Magazine, 2020) Interview #1, Interview #2, Interview # 3 Image Credit: Louisville Magazine

Essay: Ilium, Ischium, and Pubis: For Black Women, Hips Are More Than Just Bones (Midnight and Indigo)

Short Story: “Let It Be Me” (Midnight and Indigo)

Photo Credit: Jessica Felicio